Bullying Harassment and Violence

Zero Tolerance for Bullying and Harassment


A message from the National Secretary

The MUA has a proud history of fighting for the rights of our members. It is part of a wider commitment to human, civil rights and social justice campaigns benefiting the community more broadly, including most notably, the White Ribbon campaign against relationship violence.

This support for the protection of peace and fairness in our everyday lives includes opposition to violence against women, along with bullying and harassment of any MUA member at work. These behaviours are unacceptable to the union, whether they come from managers and supervisors, workmates, customers, union delegates or union officials.

A survey conducted by the union last year indicated that these are real issues for all members, and not just for women. The right to work in safety and dignity is a fundamental human right which the union is determined to uphold. Being subjected to unacceptable behaviour is a work health and safety issue as well as a discrimination issue. Consequences can include stress-related illness, alcohol and drug abuse, workplace accidents, relationship breakdown and, in extreme cases, suicide.

The membership want the union to take on bullying and harassment in their workplaces in a wider campaign.

We have one key message - the MUA has zero tolerance for bullying and harassment in the maritime workplace.

The Union’s success rests firstly on mutual respect and tolerance for each other.  Everything else follows.

In Unity

Paddy Crumlin
MUA National Secretary

Download and view the Bullying and Harassment Booklet here.

Download and view the MUA's Mutual Respect policy here.

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