Brisbane Ferry workers win a fair EBA!

MUA Brisbane ferry members have reached an in-principle agreement and will be returning to work on Brisbane ferries from tomorrow onwards.


Maritime Union of Australia Qld Deputy Branch Secretary Jason Miners said: “This is a great outcome which delivers roster certainty and most importantly a pay rise for these men and women who deliver a great service to the people of Brisbane.”

“The MUA on behalf of its members would like to thank the public for their support for these workers during these difficult times. This outcome is credited to the workers who stuck together and challenged this injustice placed upon them,” he said.

“There’s power in a union and the MUA Queensland branch is particularly proud of its delegates and members who put their trust in their union to deliver the outcome.”

United we bargain, divided we beg.

Media inquiries: Jason Miners Deputy State Secretary MUA QLD. 0401211866