Bob Carnegie Still Faces Jail And Enormous Fines, Despite Abigroup Backflip On Some Charges

Reacting to news that Abigroup/Lend Lease dropped several charges against Comrade Carnegie, MUA National Secretary Paddy Crumlin said, while the news that some charges were being dropped was welcome, Bob Carnegie still has a battle ahead of him and the MUA would be standing rock-solid behind him.

“Australians everywhere have rallied to Bob's side because they understand that the only contempt involved in this case was the contempt Lend Lease and Abigroup had for values we hold dear in Australia – the principles of democracy, free speech and the right of association,” Mr Crumlin said.

“We will not rest until the threat to Bob is over. The rallies today across the nation in support of Bob show that he can rely on the support of his mates and community allies.”

During the first day of hearings today in Brisbane, construction firm Abigroup decided to drop the majority of its original charges against unionist Bob Carnegie – from 54 to 18 – regarding an industrial dispute at the Brisbane children’s hospital site last year.

Thousands of union members – including MUA officials – Australia rallied in support of Bob today in sites around Australia.

The hearing is scheduled continue for the next two days. Bob Carnegie is pleading not guilty to all the charges.