Blue Angel Show Tickets Go On Sale Today

​If hotel walls could talk then Hobart’s iconic Astor Hotel would have many a seafarer’s secret to tell; whispered to lovers or strangers or wives over whiskey for decades. Tales of the sea - exotic, erotic and despotic.

Come and see what seafarers from all over the country have been getting involved in.

Grab some friends, book a room, and stay for a memorable night. Immerse yourself in Big hART’s Blue Angel project. Explore, watch, listen, eat, ​drink, ​ sleep and dream in one of her twenty-three rooms as this piece unfolds from dusk to dawn​. Blue Angel brings this haunt for lovers and seafarers alive through a unique performance experience.

​Telling the stories of those who bring ​over ninety percent of everything we use​, ​ Big hART has ​im​port​ed​ tales ​tall ​and true from ​ all ​over the world ​in this collaborative project where art is the cargo and the heart is filled with the desire for "Fair ​shipping ". Bon voyage!

Blue Angel is a project that is supported by the Maritime Union of Australia.

Many well-known union personalities have and will take part in the project that tells the stories of the sea, through art.

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