Big Business Trying To Buy Govt

The mining and tobacco companies are funding a campaign to defeat Labor in the next election.

They are among the wealthiest in the business community and they're trying to buy a Government that appeases their agenda.  

To reduce the rights of working families and minimise the taxes the wealthy contribute to the Australian community.  

Why shouldn't the Australian 

people get a fair share of the 

wealth that's being generated by 

the resources that are being sold 

to China? 

Why shouldn't we be able to 

introduce initiatives to reduce 

climate change? Tony Abbott 

says it "crap".  

Why shouldn't the Government 

spend what's needed to improve 

education and health? 

The only thing we see from this wealth is the obscene salary's of senior management in multi- national conglomerates. The same companies who used the WorkChoices laws to their utmost benefit by refusing to allow workers the right to stand together and collectively deal with  employment issues and safety at work. 

Once thriving mining communities where accommodation was subsidised by the mining companies, sporting clubs and other social groups were healthy and well supported are now only there to support the interests of the companies. Workers either fly in from somewhere else or pay exorbitant rates to live there.   If it's good enough for wealthy companies to campaign against Julia Gillard, it's good enough for working people to campaign for what's good for Australian workers and their families. 

Lets start talking about the real Tony Abbott!! 

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