Australian Seafarers rescue crew of stricken yacht in Bass Strait

The crew of MV Far Saracen have once again demonstrated the superior skills and training of Australian seafarers coming to the rescue of a yacht crew drifting in Bass Strait. The account of the rescue below is from Far Saracen Delegate Marcus Gaffney.

On Wednesday the 15th August around 11:30 am during general operations on location in Bass strait MV Far Saracen was alerted to a stricken yacht 70 miles Southeast of Lakes Entrance Bass Strait and was asked to assist in the recovery of two injured crew. The vessel set sail for the position which was around 2 hours from our current location. On arrival the yacht was drifting on a heavy swell and trying conditions with wind speed around 45 knots. The fast rescue craft was prepared and launched the yacht crew were asked to enter the water one at a time and thrown a life ring with line attached then pulled to a safe distance for a safer recovery with the Jacobs cradle due to serve weather and yacht rolling and pitching heavily.

The yachts crew was brought back on-board the Far Saracen for immediate medical treatment in the on-board hospital.

After a hot shower and some dry cloths, the yachts crew were lifted to the off-shore platform for further medical treatment and evacuation to the main land

Due to the highly trained Australian seafarers on-board all crew in involved played a major part in the rescue and recovery of these lucky sea goers.

As the Australian Parliament debates the future of coastal shipping this rescue serves as a reminder of what is at stake. Coastal trade ensures Australia retains a skilled seafaring workforce and capacity. Shipping for an island country like Australia is a strategic asset and the government must support it.

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