Australia Condemns The Blockade Against Cuba And The Cuban Five

Havana, 17 Oct (AIN) Paddy Crumlin, National Secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia, reiterated in Sydney its invariable support to Cuba in its fight against the blockade of United States and in the international campaign by the liberation of The Five heroes.

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The President of the International Transport Workers' Federation also told the National Council of the Australian union that personally he spoke about it in Cuba with the relatives of the antiterrorist Cubans, captives in the northern country, and he trust in which that injustice will be amended with the international endorsement. 

It underlined that Australia would be happy after freed- to have the honour to receive to these worthy men:  Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Warlike, Fernando González and René González. 

It assured that its union would continue giving support to the Childlike Hospital William in La Havana, with the one that this regularly in contact, and that would reinforce its relations with the Cuban Embassy in its country, whose leader of legation, Pedro Manzon, was invited to speak at their council. 

In his intervention, the diplomat exposed with amplitude the antecedents and consequences of the politics of blockade to Cuba by the United States, he offered information to the presents on the long injustice against The Five Cuban heroes and the world campaign to free them, and he thanked the solidarity that traditionally offers the Maritime Union of Australia. 

Likewise he stood out the renewal of the commitments done supported by Crumlin during his more recent visit to Havana, that included the active endorsement to the head Office of Workers of Cuba before the world union movement. 

In the meeting participated 62 high leading unionist, and of other similar of that island continent, as well as also the presidents, vice president and secretaries general of guilds of the Asia-Peaceful region, which applauded standing the intervention of the Cuban diplomat. 

Australia is emphasized in the international campaign by The Five and of solidarity with Cuba. 

At the beginning of year, promoted by the Association of Friendship Australia-Cuba, that heads Peter Hood, the exposition travelled around the main Australian cities, composed for 30 caricatures of the responsibility of Gerardo Hernández, one of The Five unjustly condemned in United States.