Auckland dispute Is All About Family

Workers and community gather at picket for a family day that may soon be a thing of the past

The weather bomb that passed over New Zealand in the last couple of days has not dampened the enthusiasm on display at the workers picket line at the Ports of Auckland.

Maritime Union members welcomed members of the public to a family friendly day on Sunday 4th March.

The picket line which is based at Teal Park on the Auckland waterfront was entertained by musicians and performers who are supporting the cause, as well as hearing from international and national guests.

Maritime Union National President Garry Parsloe says there is a serious message behind the relaxed atmosphere.

"If Ports of Auckland management are allowed to contract out and casualise jobs, families of workers would not be able to enjoy a few hours of weekend time with each other, as workers would not know when and if they were working, making it impossible to plan and organize a family life."

Mr Parsloe says many Auckland workers supporting the picket line realised the importance of the Ports of Auckland workers cause.

Port workers were taking on the cause for all workers who wanted to see secure jobs rather than casualized and insecure jobs.

The picket line at Ports of Auckland is operating on a 24/7 basis with members attending the picket based on their normal work rosters, and any supporters are welcome to visit at any time.

Watch the youtube about the dispute here:

The Maritime Union of Austalia will join the picket next weekend however members can send letters of solidarity to: