ATUF Union Alliance Fully Endorsed

THE Rail Tram and Bus Union national conference endorses Australian Transport Union Federation with MUA and TWU

Conference delegates voted to endorse the alliance after MUA Deputy National Secretary Mick Doleman addressed Conference on the importance of union alliances in Adelaide on November 18 and spoke of the need for continuing organising activity between the alliance partners.


He went on to say this has proved to be the case with the AWU and MUA oil and gas alliance and the recently developed Trans Tasman oil and gas alliance that has resulted in the first Trans Tasman drilling rig agreement between Maersk and the Trans Tasman unions.


The RTBU announced at the conference their unanimous endorsement of the ATUF alliance and committed funding to joint activity.  Comrade Doleman along with TWU National Secretary Tony Sheldon congratulated the conference and the union and indicated that the MUA stands ready to assist alliance partners in struggle and campaigns that will help build power in our unions.