As Fair Work Commission Hearing Continues, Senator Abetz Endorses Use of Balaclava Wearing Goons

With a Fair Work Hearing likely to go into the wee hours, picket lines in both Brisbane and Sydney are gathering momentum. This didn't stop Senator Abetz from defending his callous comments defending Hutchison's use of a text message to sack its almost 100 workers. 


Below is the video from today's Senate in which Senator Doug Cameron who showed his support in Botany in person yesterday, asked whether Abetz really endorsed "text messages as a means of terminating employment in this country?"

As shown in the above clip Abetz also defended the use of balaclavas and dogs by security guards during the '98 Patrick dispute, when yesterday during the family fun day in Botany a security guard was spotted wearing just that.


Abetz also went on to accuse waterside workers of being war criminals, quoting an error-riddled and fact-light tome by Hal Colebatch. Showing the height of hypocrisy and irony given Abetz's Uncle Otto was a Nazi Ambassador to Vichy France during WW2.