Arts & Culture

The MUA has had a long tradition of supporting arts & culture and working with artists and filmmakers to break new ground in challenging the perceptions we have about the Society in which we live.

The Blake Prize

The MUA sponsors the Blake Prize for Human Justice prize, which recognises a work of art with a Human Justice theme. National Secretary Paddy Crumlin serves as a judge of the Blake Prize.

Read about the Blake Prize winners of 2013 here.

Read here about the Blake Prize winner of 2012. See this interview of Saif Almurayati, the winner of the prize.

Read here about the Blake Prize Award of 2011.

Other Arts and Culture News:

The story of Roy Dalgarno - socialist bohemian & social realist

The Story of Rupert Lockwood: Journalist, Communist, Intellectual by Rowan Cahill


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    Roy Dalagarno also helped found the Studio of Realist Art with James Cant, Dora Chapman, Hal Missinghan and others. He taught drawing and painting at East Sydney Technical College before the Cold War struck and he left Australia for a self imposed exile in Paris and escape into the world of existentialists and surrealists.