AOS and OSM Agreements Voted Up By MUA Members


The results came in yesterday on the AOS and OSM votes for the new MUA “Job Security” agreement we have been pushing throughout the offshore industry after the High Court case came down.

We can proudly report that MUA members at both companies overwhelmingly voted in favour of the agreements and therefore the MUA campaign for job security across the industry. It is a further vote of confidence in and understanding of the long term MUA strategy and objective to protect our right to work in this industry.

The AOS agreement was voted up by 93% of our members and the OSM agreement by 98%. These results are exceptional endorsements of the agreement and our campaign and are results seen in very few agreement votes in this country. They come on top of the 98% vote in support of the MUA “Job Security” agreement in November of last year by MUA members at Programmed.

Thanks go to the many officials and delegates who put the work into making sure MUA members at both companies understood the agreement and most importantly our campaign across this industry for job security. Thanks also go to our rank and file for their unwavering support once again for the leadership of this Union and the complex and long term strategy across the offshore industry against significant opposition from this Government, AMMA and the few employers that bought into the anti-union campaign ultimately and remarkably against even their own interests.