ALP Senators Standing up Against Chevron

Two WA Labor Senators have vocalised their support for the MUA and International Transport Workers’ Federation campaign to get oil and gas giant Chevron to do the right thing. 

In the past week both Senators Sue Lines and Glenn Sterle have spoken out about Chevron’s mismanagement on the Gorgon project.
MUA National Secretary Paddy Crumlin said he welcomed the fact there were politicians willing to stand up and be counted, particularly when it was against one of the world’s most powerful and well-resourced companies.
“We have solid research that shows workers are not to blame for cost blowouts even the company’s CEO John Watson told a shareholders meeting unions were not to blame but time and time again the likes of AMMA, APPEA and Chevron pin the blame for Gorgon’s problems on labour, and the newspapers print it as fact,” Crumlin said. 
“It’s a welcome relief to see that not everyone has been brainwashed by the employers’ hyperbole.”  
MUA WA Assistant Branch Secretary Will Tracey said he wholeheartedly supported any effort to expose the lies and deceit being peddled by Chevron.
“It’s an outright smear campaign being executed against the MUA and its membership.
“They say we are responsible for the cost blowouts and significant time delays on the project but every seafarer who has spent any time on any part of the Gorgon Project will know the extent of the mismanagement of the job. 
“I commend the efforts of Sterle, Lines and others in trying to bring some balance to a story often misreported by the mainstream media. 
Sue Line’s speech is below and to download and read Glenn Sterle’s speech click here.