Alexander Spirit Coverage Ongoing

The Alexander Spirit was berthed in Devonport for three weeks after the crew discovered it would be replaced with foreign workers upon the ship's arrival in Singapore. The ongoing dispute attracted a lot of media attention. The clips, of some of which are available to view below:

ABC coverage on the eve of the day the vessel sailed out, July 21:

Independent Senator Glenn Lazarus chimes into the Alexander Spirit debate on the Today show on July 12:

Also on Today, Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie also discusses the Alexander Spirit in relation to political donations:

ABC July 13:

ABC July 12:

WIN July 12:

ABC July 11:

WIN July 11:

Southern Cross July 11:

ABC 24 July 9:

ABC July 5:

ABC 24 July 5:

WIN July 5:

Southern Cross July 5:

Photos from the ongoing protest can be viewed here.

ABC Onlinethe Advocate and the Mercury also added regular updates.