Albanese Promises Shipping Reform Within 3 Months

Federal transport minister Anthony Albanese says the government is on track to delivering the nation’s shipping reforms within the next three months.

"We are now preparing the necessary legislation," Mr Albanese told Lloyd's List DCN.

"We intend to complete that process by the end of the year."

Mr Albanese announced the shipping reforms on August 9.

Its four key items are: tax reform; a three-tier licensing framework for participation in the coastal trade; an Australian International Shipping Register; and a Maritime Workforce Development Forum.

"A lot of work has been done by going through a very consultative process," Mr Albanese said. "We have identified and already resolved many of the issues that have been raised."

Mr Albanese also acknowledged that the reforms may not satisfy everyone but said it is a "huge step in the right direction".

"I don't expect that everyone will say we've got it perfect, that can't be the case because there's conflicting views.

"You can't come out with something in which accords with everyone's views but I have no doubt that the package that we indicated we'll introduce will lead to a revitalisation of the Australian shipping industry - which is the aim."

This story was written by Sineva Toevai and originally printed by Lloyds List DCN on Tuesday 27 September.