Adrian Evans Rallies With AMWU Komatsu Workers

At lunchtime, they came by the dozens: workers at the Komatsu heavy mining equipment manufacturing plant in Welshpool taking their meal time to listen to Adrian Evans speak about his plans as a member of Parliament.

About 58 of the 280 workers live in the Hasluck electorate. They are members of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, which has been a strong supporter of Evans' campaign.

Image - Adrian Evans AMWU Komatsu aug 14th #1

Evans outlined the dangers of a possible Liberal government, making it clear that Abbott and his sidekicks have no interest in workers and only care about corporate profits. "I've worked all my life to make sure that people like you have rights at work and get a fair go," he told the group, which listened quietly and intently. "We can win this election."

The appearance was part of the daily campaigning Evans does to reach voters throughout the electorate. When he isn't out in the public, he is spending many hours each day phoning voters to have one-on-one conversations. In fact, once the rally wrapped up and Evans had finished shaking hands, he climbed back into his car and was off to hit the phone again. On such hard work winning campaigns are based.

So, you can help the Evans campaign as well. If you haven't already done do, please go to his Facebook page and "like" the page. And spread the word.