ACTU Film Competition: MUA Wins In Non-Professional Category

The MUA snagged a prize from the ACTU for a film entry describing is a little known story of the global campaign against apartheid: how a small band of maritime workers, led by key leaders and activists of the Seaman's Union of Australia, cut off the oil to the racist regime in South Africa.

The competition called for professional and amateur film makers to create an original digital film of no more than 5 minutes duration on the theme of “My story of unions is…”

Jamie McMeechan from the MUA Film Unit, who worked on the film, said the competition was fierce and that he was delighted with the win.  

Nelson Mandela will be remembered and celebrated for his leadership of the movement to bring justice and freedom to the people of South Africa. And in doing that captured the hopes and aspirations of all human beings seeking or protecting those values. He made an indelible mark on the history of the world because of the way in which he pursued the liberation of his people and all peoples.

It is important to highlight how important the role of individuals was in ending apartheid. A few people can make a difference, as a few maritime workers did across the globe.

Here is that story in a short, moving video: