ACTU Backs ALP’s Crackdown on Corporate Tax Avoidance

Today, ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver backed calls by the Federal Opposition to tighten laws relating to corporate tax avoidance.

The Labor Opposition announced that if it won office it would stop multinationals from using overseas tax havens to avoid paying their fair share of tax in Australia, while at the same time beefing up the compliance regime at the ATO.

“The ACTU welcomes this announcement as a step in the right direction on corporate tax avoidance,” said Mr Oliver.

“Ordinary workers across Australia pay their taxes every week, so why shouldn’t corporate Australia do the same?”

“For too long, large multinationals have been ripping off Australian taxpayers by hiding their profits and using loopholes in the Australian tax system - enough is enough.

“We want to see the ATO sufficiently resourced instead of the Liberal Government approach which is to cut, cut, cut.

“While the Liberal Government pursues an ideological agenda against unions and seeks to resurrect WorkChoices, they don’t seem interested in stopping their mates at the big end of town and their corporate rorts that cost Australian taxpayers billions in lost revenue every year.”