A Letter To MUA Members From Veterans President Jim Donovan

The MUA (still our union even though we are retired) is under enormous attack from without and within.

The attacks from without by Conservative forces including the present Federal Govt. Multi Nationals conservative Think Tanks and many others is now unprecedented. Never in the history of both SUA and WWF HAS THERE BEEN SUCH ATTACKS, and Why?

You don't have to be a Rhodes Scholar to know why, but in case some people don't know as it apparent they don't it's because we are successful in most things, we are a thorn in their planning to destroy organised Labour including our very own Union, we are successful in protecting our wages and conditions and improving on them as the latest Patrick's agreement clearly shows, the campaign to get seagoing jobs back against the backdrop of  the Governments commitment to reduce our area of work to zero, our work in the International arena with National Secretary Paddy Crumlin  at the forefront, that has improved the position of most Dockers and Seamen worldwide. Our International position is second to none, our support for the under privileged world wide. And the list of the Unions achievements goes on.

While all of this is taking place against the backdrop of these incessant attacks from without our great Union is being attacked from within.

Never before has our union been under such attacks from within and that includes the filthy Groupers movement of the late 1940s into 50s and 60s that attacked the Left Wing leadership of most unions. They had limited success but could not make any headway into the WWF or the SUA, in fact  they were soundly rejected by the membership of both unions.

The main purpose of this article is because our MUA VETERANS ORGANISATION  is being used by these splitters, disrupters to further their cause by lies and innuendo. They have somehow been able to text the Sydney Branch MUA under the name of our National Secretary  Fred Krausert attacking deputy Branch Secretary Paul Keating they picked the wrong person as Fred has a wonderful working relationship with all Sydney Branch Officials. Lies lies Fred sent no such message. They then posted a Facebook message under the name Sydney Treasurer of the vets Glen Wood stating he supported their cause, again Lies Lies. In fact he was overseas at the time. Glen addressed the December meeting of the Sydney Branch Monthly Meeting  and condemned these people for their falsehoods and Lies. Again Glen didn't post any such message.

Not content with attempting to implicate both Fred and Glen in their devious Union splitting deeds they are now attacking Paddy Crumlin (not for the first time). They are attacking the credentials of his father Sydney Branch Legend Joe Crumlin by asserting that Joe was not a Seaman but a Captain, thus according these people he is from the elite class and not working class.  What  falsehoods these people are peddling, no checking. He went to sea as a deck boy, then AB with the SUA ,he then put himself through his various seagoing tickets like many other seamen went through the focsul before becoming a skipper on the Sydney tugs. He paid for his training himself while working as a seaman a long time before the union negotiated an industry training pathway for members to get their certificates, one our great achievements. This issue of improving yourself through training has always been our policy, whether you're a wharfie seafarer or anyone else as every member knows. Joe was given his Legends medal by the MUA Sydney Branch because he is one on the Sydney waterfront where he worked for more than 50 years. That's something the blokes bagging him will never be

There is that old saying play the ball not the man. But these people haven't got the decency or the balls to fight fair because  to do so requires dignity and brains and a fair go, something these people are obviously lacking.

Our Unions before  amalgamation and since have worked on the theory of the United Front. That being we will work with all persons and organisations that will fight to improve the lot of the working class and reject those who's intention it is to split the Union. Thus taking our eyes off the main task that lays ahead, something the ruling classes would and take great delight and pleasure in. REJECT THE SPLITTERS.

     Jim Donovan National President MUA Veterans.