METL Scores TLISC award

Training provider Maritime Employees Training Limited (METL) has received a 2014 Award for Excellence from the Transport & Logistics Industry Skills Council.

According to the TLISC website, METL won the innovation & Excellence in Workforce Development – Maritime category.

METL is a registered not-for profit Group Training Organisation (GTO) established by industry and governed by a bi-partite board consisting of employer representatives and representatives of the Maritime Union of Australia.

METL was established to help address an identified shortage of skilled seafarers, including Integrated Ratings (IRs), in order to meet current and future labour market needs of the sector.

METL’s services include recruitment, organisation of travel and accommodation, enrolment in the appropriate VET course and sourcing appropriate vessels for Trainees to undertake sea-service.

METL also accept responsibility for monitoring and mentoring the Trainee Integrated Ratings through components of training, ensuring all requirements and milestones are met which lead to a Certificate III in Transport and Distribution (Maritime Operations – IR) issued by the RTO and an Integrated Rating Certificate of Proficiency issued by AMSA.

Outcomes include:

• METL operates in an integrated fashion with employers to provide the services, reducing the administrative burden of training, delivering real cost savings and providing employers access to a pool of quality labour.

• Demonstrated gains in productivity in their own workforce, the workforce of host employers and partners resulting in productivity gains delivered to the industry.

• Reduce the time and cost of recruitment to employers.

• 93% trainee retention rate.