Inpex urged to accept Unions NT Larrakia employment proposal

The Maritime Union of Australia is calling on Inpex to accept the proposal by Unions NT to negotiate a binding agreement with the Larrakia People for employment on the Inpex Gas Project in the Northern Territory.


Thomas Mayor, MUA Secretary and Unions NT President said the Unions NT proposal represents an historic opportunity for Inpex to create ongoing employment for the Larrakia People.

“The joint position of the both the Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation and Larrakia Development Corporation allows Inpex to deal with the community with one voice and reach a successful agreement.

“The Inpex project represents the employment future for the Larrakia young people and we call on the company to engage in dialogue with the community and Unions NT to negotiate a successful outcome.

“This project can provide a pathway from ‘tinny’ to tanker for the community and has the potential to be a huge boost to the employment prospects for many people,” Mr Mayor said.


The proposed Agreement will include the following:

  1.         A job ready program for children of Larrakia descent, including First Peoples from

Belyuen and other similar communities on Larrakia land.

    2.      An Adherence Agreement with all contractors that includes:

  •           Target Employment Ratio's
  •           Specifics on extra-curricular training and mentoring requirements
  •           Commitment to fill vacancies with competent ex-trainees
  •           Commitment to secure, full time direct employment where possible
  •           Enhanced dispute resolution
  •           Commitment to travel, accommodation where required that considers cultural needs
  •           Commitment to Larrakia Employment Assistance Database
  •           Encourages union EA's containing relevant provisions to support Larrakia

training and employment

    3. Occupation specific employment programs. i.e.: Maritime training and employment

component - includes tinny to tanker program that moves Larrakia persons from

small boat work through to opportunity on international gas tankers; Production

Technician training and employment component where suitable candidates who

complete theory qualifications will then gain experience on various global facilities

towards employment on Australian facilities.

    4.      A process for disputes on matters contained in the Deed of Agreement

    5.      Larrakia Employment Assistance Database (LEAD)

  •        A database of Larrakia student graduates1 unemployed and underemployed Larrakia and local First Peoples.
  •        Updated three times weekly
  •        To be utilised by INPEX and contractors
  •        Regular reviews and audits of adherence to use of the database
  •        A LEAD Complaints and Dispute process

6. Training Providers as agreed by the parties.