9/11 Terrorist Attack Condemned

Terrorist attack by Al Qaeda one of the greatest affronts and abuse of human and civil rights in contemporary history - MUA National Secretary Paddy Crumlin on comments re 9//11 on ABC Radio and todays Herald Sun website

The MUA's policy on the attacks of September 11, 2001 is unambiguous.

The 9/11 tragedy was a result of a terrorist attack by international terrorists who claimed responsibility.

It is the MUA's position - one that I passionately support as National Secretary - that this attack is one of the greatest affronts and abuses of human and civil rights in contemporary history.

During the intensely sad aftermath of this devastating event, the MUA formally determined to extend our deepest sympathies and support to those American citizens, workers and others affected by the tragedy.

This is the MUA's and the ITF's formal and long standing position. Any other view, by any member of the MUA is an individual or personal view and not that of the organisation.

Mr Crumlin will be available to the media  for comment at 2.30pm at the Esplanade Hotel Fremantle.

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