7 Feared Dead As Ship Of Shame Goes Down Off Lebanon

ITF called on to assist survivors


Israeli unions have called on the International Transport Workers' for assistance after an Israeli bound freighter sunk off the Lebanese coast last week.

According to the Israeli secretary of the naval officers union the ship was purchased by an Israeli businessman and registered it in Tonga - so that the company would be exempted from paying the minimum wage in Israel and other social benefits.

The crew were all from the Ukraine.

United Nations and Israeli forces found six crew members who were missing after the Israel-bound freighter Sala II sank in stormy weather. 

The forces were still searching on Saturday evening for the remaining seven crew members, according to AAP newswire. 

UN peacekeepers in Lebanon received a distress call from the vessel, SALA II, late Friday,  but the  ship sank before the rescuers arrived.

Assaf Adiv, National Director, WAC Maan union, Israel wrote to MUA National Secretary and ITF executive baord member Paddy Crumlin asking for the ITF to intervene and assist the surviving crew.

Haaretz Correspondent, and The Associated Press report on ship disaster