30th Southern Cross Cuba Brigade

Coming out of National Conference the MUA has launched a reinvigorated international push to establish a closer working relationship directly with our comrades in Cuba.

Image - Cuban-Flag.jpeg

In being consistent with the National Conference resolution (7.1.2 Solidarity with Cuba, Caribbean, Central and Latin America) which states that the MUA should send a delegation on the Cuba Solidarity Brigade each year, we are encouraging members to attend the brigade.

For those of you that may not know, the Southern Cross Work/Study Tour is the most direct manner you can support Cuba by working alongside Cubans for a few days doing agricultural work such as fruit picking, pruning or planting, slashing grass and then visiting hospitals, cultural & historical sites and urban agriculture projects, etc.

Brigade participants will experience at first hand the cultural, political and social conditions in socialist Cuba.

This year’s program will give participants an opportunity to join in the celebration of ICAPs 52nd anniversary & the ongoing success of the Cuban Revolution.

Dates: December  27 – January 18

Cost: $5000 approx

Further Information: http://www.cubabrigade.org.au 

Contact: Greig Kelbie - greig.kelbie@mua.org.au  

0427 757 225